Mitzpe Revivim

Description: Mitzpe Revivim tells the fascinating tale of the southernmost Jewish outpost during early settlement days. It played a strategic, clandestine role in the early defense of the Negev. Enter its Byzantine caves, which once served as command bunker and field hospital. Walk through its restored castle, climb its lookout tower, run through its trenches, search for its hidden weapons cache, learn its secret communication methods, and view its WWII-era Dakota C-47 and Piper Cub planes.

Open: Sunday-Thursday 8 am-4:00 pm, Friday and eve of holidays 8 am-12 pm,only by appointment.

Getting there: 1/2 hour south of Beer-Sheva on Route 40. Turn right at Mashabim Junction onto Route 222, then left to Kibbutz Revivim. You will enter Mitzpe Revivim from there. Welcome

Special Group Package: TOUR Mitzpe Revivim and add: a short film in the cave there was the first new builders home, visit the castle that was later build and became their first real home. Today it has been reconstructed and shows how they lived with original furniture and personal belongings, from there you can clime up to the tower where there is a great view of the whole area and the largest olive plantation in Israel water with underground water.   Kibbutz Revivim tour: view sculpted trees and the Golda Meir Archives .Learn of our many other options. Call to reserve/discuss. (You may also use our facilities for your seminars, meetings

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